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To see what's in each of the three subscriptions, click the Browse link at the top of this home page. These techniques, practice methods and strategies have been developed and proven over decades of pro racing and teaching experience! For over three decades Gary’s 40-hour work week has been practicing, racing or teaching motocross. For his efforts Gary has trained riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships! Learning from the best in the business is a hugh advantage! Welcome to our new Video On Demand (VOD) website. Have access to all videos, PDF files and Audio Files in the subscription you choose, across all devices. You can also download everything on the Intelivideo app, which is included free. These techniques and practice methods will take your mx riding experiences to a whole new level! Don't worry about starting a Subscription, as it's easy to unsubscribe at any time from your account, while on any browser.

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Easy to understand and apply formats guide you through Gary's techniques, practice methods and strategies! Here's one of many testimonials; Just within a few days I've improved my posture and riding technique dramatically. No one has ever explained to me the proper way to ride in such a detail and so clearly as you do it in your videos. And I've trained with Dutch champions! Good luck to you and your family, Aleks Nestserau

26 AMA Pro Supercross and Motocross Titles

Number of Pro Championships from riders Gary has coached...From McGrath to Villopoto and others!

Over 500,000 riders trained

Through Gary's MX Schools, Certified Instructors and videos, we have already trained over 500,000 riders improve their riding skills and race results!

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The Gary Semics Motocross videos are timeless. (Quoted from Vital MX's Motocross Related forum).