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50cc Body Positions and Movements for Cornering.

Length: 0:30:12

Whether your young son or daughter is just getting started, or already has a few years of riding and racing under they’re helmet, this video is to help them, and you, discover how to develop the proper body positions and movements for cornering. In order for you, the parent, to learn and understand how to coach your young gun; you’ll see how some 50 riders are learning the proper body positions and movements from me, in a special school for this video. You’ll also learn from the best 50 riders in the country, while they race in the Amateur National Finals at Loretta Lynn’s. There are two 65 riders in this school, but they haven’t developed the skills to use the benefits of the shifter and clutch. This makes them look like they’re riding an automatic, just like the 50s.

So, let’s get started in the right gear, so to speak. After all, learning the correct body positions and movements from the beginning is a hugh advantage, because bad habits are hard to break!
And, always remember why your youngster wanted to ride dirt bikes, in the first place, to have fun! The trick is to make learning how to be become better, safer rider, fun!
Copyright; November, 2019 Running time; 30 minutes

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