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50cc Basic Jumping Techniques.

Length: 0:19:18

Jumping is one of the most exciting and fun things to be had on a dirt bike, but it can also, be the most dangerous. The danger factor only applies when the rider hasn’t developed the jumping control needed for a safe take-off and landing, every time. While your child is young, is the best time to start learning. It will help you guys, to understand how jumping differs from developing the other techniques of motocross. For example, when learning techniques for cornering, you can go as slow as necessary while learning each technique. Most of these cornering techniques can even be practiced in a stationary position, while on the bike stand. Jumping is different in the way, that you have to commit enough, to at least get airborne. During this time of getting in the air, you have to time, the compression and rebound parts of the jump, with body movement and throttle control, as well as on the landing. In other words, you can’t steel second base and keep your foot on first!

In this, learning to jumping video, your young rider and you, the parent, will see how some beginner level 50 riders are learning the basic jumping techniques from me, in a special school for this video. Now, don’t be confused by the two 65 riders in this video, as they still haven’t developed the skills, to use the benefits of the shifter and clutch. This makes them look like they’re riding an automatic, just like the 50s. You guys will also learn from the best 50 racers in the country, as they race in the Amateur National Finals, at Loretta Lynn’s. So, let’s see just how easy and safe it can be to develop the basic jumping skills. And always remember to keep the fun, in learning how to become a better, safer rider!

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