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Motocross 65/85 Clutch, Throttle, Shifting and Rear Brake Skills.

Length: 0:26:20

In this video we’re going to mainly focus on the Clutch, Throttle, Shifter and Rear Brake, because those are the biggest stepping stones when graduating from the automatic bikes. I have found that these skills are lacking in all beginner level riders, as well, as many more experienced riders. Being in the right gear at the right time is a primary key! When you begin to accelerate you want the power to start, at the bottom of the RPM range. This way the engine will pull a long ways before you need to shift. If you’re in too low of a gear, when you start accelerating, the engine will rev out very quickly, and therefore, stop pulling, stop making power. You will understand this much better, and much more, by the end of this video.

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