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Advanced MX Cornering Techniques - 65 and 85 Racers.

Length: 0:15:24

This video shares how 2 of our advanced 65 and 85cc racers were practicing sections, last summer, in 2019. Both riders were preparing for the Amateur National Finals at Loretta Lynn’s. These riders are 12-year-old Luke Fausier and 15-year-old Gavin Towers. You’ll see how we pick the 3 main sections of some corners apart; you will understand exactly what they are practicing, that allows them to control so much speed.

Their sensation of speed, eye sight, and feeling what the bike is doing, has also become hardwired into they’re sensory perception. Their eyesight has developed the skill to slowdown motion and acutely notice and remember every 10 yards of track in front of them. Welcome to the realm of total flow concentration. This is where the magic begins, this is where the rider and motorcycle become one! I hope this video gets you a step closer to the ultimate, dirt bike experience, the feeling that you are one with the bike!

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