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MX Conditioning Video #2.

Length: 1:31:54

Gary has over 4 decades of R&D invested regarding how to best train for motocross on and off the bike. Gary’s a former SX Champion who started training riders when he retired from racing. He’s trained McGrath and Villopoto along with many other top Pros. Gary’s first MX Conditioning Video produced in 2003 starts with a lot of info about how to get and stay motivated mentally. Then it gets into the how to facts about training. It’s a great video to get riders into the training habit and supplies four weight training programs along with a lot of other info riders need to know. This newer MX Conditioning 2 Video and 62 page PDF Training and Nutrition Manual produced in 2013 starts with some very important facts about how to train for motocross, then gets right into the training programs. Included are 7 weekly training routine examples so riders from Pros to amateurs will know how much to train regarding Durations, Intensities and Frequencies. Then it lays out 12 different anaerobic (Strength) training programs in order to overcome plateaus and keep things interesting. It also has many ways to train for Cardio along with some in season programs that include Cardio Circuits with Strength Circuits, giving you both an aerobic and anaerobic workout which is vital for motocross, says Semics.

Since 2003 Semics has developed new and improved methods, strategies and programs for supplement training. This new training video bundles all his latest developments together in an easy to understand and follow format. Also included is a Chapter on Nutrition so riders know how to fuel their bodies for increasing their fitness level. This is also easy to understand and follow with the video and the 62 page PDF Training and Nutrition Manual.

Gary said he's really happy with the way this Video/Manual combo turned out. I promise when a rider studies, understands and applies these training programs properly their results will improve immensely, Gary Semics.

Running time; 92 minutes. Copyright 2013

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