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Private Lesson Video with Gary Semics

Length: 1:01:37

In this Motocross Private Lesson video I will take you out riding with me for the day on an awesome private motocross track in Bushnell Florida as I demonstrate and explain all the techniques that have helped make champions. The 10 plus top riders I’ve trained, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto have won 26 AMA Pro Titles. Don’t you want to get your how to motocross techniques from the best in the business? Come riding with me for the day on this awesome sand and clay MX track. Cover the entire track with me as I take you over it section by section. I’ll show and explain all the techniques and this track demands all of them.

There are all kinds of corners, a lot of big jumps, sand whoops and hard packed bumps, berms, ruts and just about everything else you’d find on a motocross track. A lot of slow motion and stop action are used so I can show and explain exactly what needs to be done in order to ride fast, smooth and in control through ever section of this gnarly 2:30 lap time track. Learn how to work and flow with your bike not against it. As a special bonus I also show and explain how to master the WHIP, SCRUB and how to concur BIG JUMPS. There’s even some funny GOON RIDING in here with the hilarious Frenchman Greg “Frenchy” Pamart.

When I started using Gary’s training programs I won four 125 Nationals in a row and the title. Steve Lamson (former AMA Pro National 3 time 125 MX Champion)

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