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Motocross Skills for Vets Video #1 How to Improve Corner Speed and Control.

Length: 0:53:35

Learn how to make your corners faster, smoother, in control and safer with my time tested and proven practice methods. The reality is, we’re “over the hill” as they say. Sure we can never be as fast as we were but we can still have fun, be safe and still be pretty darn fast. Now that we are getting older it’s becoming more and more important to be smarter. Don’t worry life begins after 30….lol. Learn from my 40+ years of racing, training and coaching with these easy to understand cornering techniques. They will help you immensely to have more speed and control through the flat and bermed (rutted) corners. You WILL be rewarded with the results you’re looking for!!

Subjects covered:

The 3 key parts of a corner: Braking, Transition, Clutch and Throttle. Body positions and movements relating to corners. Clutch, throttle and shifting control. What gear to be in. Flat and Bermed (rutted) corners. The Strategies and methods of corner practice

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