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Motocross Skills for Vets Video #2 How to Build Jumping Confidence.

Length: 0:49:42

Enjoy the most fun you can have on a dirt bike with my dirt bike jumping skills made simple video! Although motocross has a great history, the old single jump motocross tracks have long been a thing of the past. Now a days motocross tracks are littered with tabletops, doubles and triples. These new type jumps are a lot more fun when you’re comfortable with them because there is a smooth landing ramp. But like the many vet riders stepping into this new territory they can be intimidating. The quickest way to get past that fear and into the joy of the most fun you can have on a dirt bike is to understand what you’re dealing with and the steps to follow in order to become comfortable jumping. In this Vets #2 video I break down all the important jumping techniques and practice methods for you to become confident when jumping. Of course you don’t have to do big doubles and triples but you will enjoy tabletops and at least easy doubles.

Now that we are getting older it’s becoming more and more important to be smarter. Don’t worry life begins after 30….lol. Learn from my 40+ years of racing, training and coaching experience with these easy to understand and follow jumping strategies and techniques. They will help you immensely to have more confidence and control through the take-offs and landings.

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