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Volume 1 Video 3 The Art of Jumping and Whoops.

Length: 0:31:55

With this art of motocross jumping and whoops instructional video from the Volume 1 Series you will learn how to master the important motocross techniques of jumping and whoops using the same techniques that Jeremy McGrath and other top pros use! I should know because I trained Jeremy and many other top pros. You’ll master the following important aspects of jumping and whoops:

Approach Speed – Taking off jumps and whoops with perfect Clutch and throttle Control – Rear Brake Control – Body Movements for take offs and landings – The most important part of a jump – Foot Placement on the Foot Pegs – Adjust M/C from Side to Side as you approach and take off the jump – Setting up for the Jump – What to Focus Your Vision on – Getting it Sideways in the air – The Three Ways to Take Whoops and some good, solid, proven info on how to Practice the Techniques. Don’t be afraid of jumps or whoops, build your confidence with video # 3.

Sure, this Volume 1 Video Series is older and the techniques are demonstrated on older bikes and gear (1991 through 1998) but the techniques are the same. Learning in different circumstances can be beneficial. This VO1 Series is only missing the latest techniques for Absorbing and Scrubbing jumps and a few details of Skimming whoops.

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