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Volume 1 Video 4 How to Develop the Pro Style.

Length: 0:51:11

Every Pro rider has developed a signature riding style. It’s like a finger print, everyone’s is different. Now with video #4 from the Volume 1 Series you can learn some of the techniques and styles so you can ride with a pro motocross style. You don’t want to look or worse yet ride like a pit squid, do you? Learn about the following subjects with this easy to understand and apply mx instructional video:

The Natural Talent scale, how much do you have – What it takes to succeed in MX, Consistent Desire, Commitment and Preparation, how much do you have – how the pros Adjust the Controls – Consistently Testing the Bike – Awareness of Techniques and Style – Riding in the Forward Body Position – Stationary and Action Practice Drills .

You’ll learn all these things and much more. But perhaps the most important things you’ll learn is how you yourself can become a better rider, whether your intentions are making MX a fun hobby or a full on profession.

Sure, this Volume 1 Video Series is older and the techniques are demonstrated on older bikes and gear (1991 through 1998) but the techniques are the same. Learning in different circumstances can be beneficial. This VO1 Series is only missing the latest techniques for Absorbing and Scrubbing jumps and a few details of Skimming whoops.

Here’s what one of my many costumers had to say:

I have your technique book as well as videos #4 and 7. Thanks for all the instruction, my riding is getting better and better because of it. The #4 video is awesome and helps in every aspect of riding and control. My advancement was becoming very slow until I purchased that video. Within two months (riding about 5 times) I have improved in all areas considerably. (Scott)

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