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Volume 1 Video 5 What To Do On Race Day.

Length: 0:36:43

If you want better race results, this motocross race day instructional video from the Volume 1 Series is the info you need! “What To Do On Race Day” gives you the steps to follow in order to race at your highest potential.

You’ll learn all about things like; How to develop the right mindset on race day – What things to look for when walking the track – Getting the most out of Morning Practice – What to do between practice and the first moto – On the starting line – Race strategies During the race – Between the first moto and the other motos -What you can learn from the race – How the sport is changing and more. The truest measuring scale is from the Starting Gate to the Checkered Flag. When the gate drops the nonsense stops. Learn to develop a routine that will get the results you want.

Sure, this Volume 1 Video Series is older and the techniques are demonstrated on older bikes and gear (1991 through 1998) but the techniques are the same. Learning in different circumstances can be beneficial. This VO1 Series is only missing the latest techniques for Absorbing and Scrubbing jumps and a few details of Skimming whoops.

Here’s what another satisfied costumer had to say:

Gary – your products are fantastic! I originally purchased a single streaming video to “test” your product. As a firm believer in getting information/instruction from someone who has “fruit on tree”, I wanted to see what you were about – AND YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! Jim Shafor Vernal, Utah

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