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VO2 Video #2 How To Win Starts

Length: 0:42:16

Everyone knows that the start is the most important part of a race. If I had a dollar for every time a pro made that statement I’d be a millionaire.

In this motocross how to win starts instructional Video I break down all the important starting techniques in an easy to understand and practice format so you can become a holeshot artist. I also give you all the other tips and secrets to winning starts. State of the art editing equipment is used with slow motion and stop action so you can see exactly how it all works. Don’t follow the pack, be a leader and learn HOW TO WIN STARTS.

Here’s what former Factory Rider Brock Hepler has to say:

”I was really having troubles with my starts during the 05 season so I had a private lesson with Gary. Just the few hours I spent with Gary made a huge improvement in my starting abilities. During the remaining Nationals I won 6 motos and 2 overalls.” (Factory Suzuki’s Brock Hepler)

This Starts video includes everything I taught Brock!

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