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VO2 Video #3 All About Jumping and Whoops.

Length: 1:10:25

There’s no doubt about it, if you’re going to be competitive in motocross you’re going to have to be good at jumps and whoops. Even if you’re just riding outdoor motocross there’s still a lot of jumps and many times at least one whoop section. This 3rd of the VO2 Series breaks down all the techniques for these two fun aspects of motocross and supercross and packages them into an easy to understand and practice format. Many of these techniques were developed when I was training Jeremy McGrath, the best Supercross racer of all time. These are still the same techniques used today from the top riders. The only new jumping technique that is not in this video is the Scrub. For those techniques go to VO3 Video #8 (Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques). After you understand and practice what’s in this video you will have way more confidence and control with jumps and whoops.

Here’s what just one of the many satisfied costumers has to say: Just wanted to let you know I got the disc a couple of weeks ago, thank you again. I just wanted to add these videos are great. I am a 30 year old beginner and I was pretty much doing everything wrong, now it makes sense. I will be buying more from you guys again. I love how detailed it is, and how Gary uses the explanation, demonstration, imitate technique, followed by reviews, very effective. (Kevin)

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