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VO2 Video #4 Beyond the Basics - Motocross Corner Speed.

Length: 0:41:49

Learn all the secrets for gaining speed and control through the corners. Some of these secret techniques have never been taught before except to my Pro National riders in private lessons like Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham & Brock Sellards to name a few. This video delivers all the latest techniques in an easy to understand and apply format so you can learn how to glide through the corners with smoothness and control. Slow motion, stop action and split screens are used so you can see exactly the correct ways and the most common mistakes as I explain them. Not only do I demonstrate but you’ll also learn from a lot of race action from Loretta Lynn’s, Branson Missouri, Gatorback’s Mini Os and The Florida Winter Series. I promise when you learn and apply what’s in this video you will be faster and more consistent through the corners.

Here’s what pro rider Mike Metz has to say: Just want to let you know that before I attended your class, I would barely break the top 10 in the Expert class. This weekend I raced Silver Springs MX and placed a perfect 1st Overall in the 450 Expert class against guys who normally whoop my ass. Feels so great to actually win. Its been 4 years since I’ve won a moto and I’ve never won the overall in the Expert class since i have turned expert. Everyone came up to me and I told them your the man to thank, so you might be getting some calls. I put the good word in for you. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks again for everything. Your knowledge and training means the world. Mike Metz

Testimonial from j368 TT Gold Member: Gary, that’s one of your best DVD’s. I’ve watched it dozens of times. It’s helped me a ton, cut my lap times quite a bit. Rutted corners was where I would lose some time, now that’s where I make up the time. j368 TT Gold Member

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