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VO3 Video #2 Motocross Braking Techniques.

Length: 0:30:44

I promise you're lap times and results will improve immensely when you learn and apply these Braking Control Techniques - No matter what skill level you're currently at now!! Ryan Villopoto's did when I was training him. Now Ryan is in the history books as one of the top Motocross and Supercross riders in The World.

Through my 30 + years of teaching motocross I've learned that better braking skills are what all riders need the most. Proper braking control plays a much bigger role than most riders think. Of course, it slows you down but just as importantly it makes the bike handle a certain way according to how and when you are using and not using the brakes. Did you know you should always go from braking to accelerating and from accelerating to braking with no coasting between? If you coast you are giving up 60% of your control at these critical times. Should you pull the clutch in or leave it out when you start braking? When should you begin to brake and where should you stop braking? How exactly do you control the brakes? You'll get the answers to these questions in easy to apply race proven practice methods that get results fast when you learn and apply this information packed video. I've seen hundreds of riders improve their lap times and results by learning these critical braking control techniques.

With a former long pro racing career and an AMA Pro Supercross Championship myself and even a 2012 AMA Amateur National Title at Loretta Lynn's in the 50 Masters class, add to that over 30 years of teaching motocross I have found the most effective methods and strategies for how to become a better rider. I have also discovered that the most needed techniques I teach are Braking Techniques. You can’t be fast without controlling the bike with the front and rear brakes properly. You will be surprise how much more speed and control you'll have into and through the corners with these instructional Braking Techniques.

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