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VO3 Video #7 Motocross Launching and Seat Bouncing Techniques.

Length: 0:37:49

In just 37 minutes you’ll be on your way to knowing how to practice all the Seat Bouncing and Launching techniques in order to get the results you want. In this instructional video #7 you’ll learn which techniques to use on different types of jumps and how to adjust the techniques in order to hit your landing target every time. Big doubles, no troubles and no more issues with jumps right out of a corner. NO more taking unnecessary chances!!!

Chapters: – How Seat Bouncing Works – Stand to Sit Seat Bounce – Seat Bouncing Techniques – Seat Bounce Practice – How Launching Works – Launching Techniques – Launching Practice.

With over 25 years of teaching motocross I have found the most effective methods and strategies for how to become a better rider. This video delivers that information for mastering the Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the correct techniques. STOP TAKING UNNECESSARY CHANCES!! Now you can learn these more advanced jumping techniques and use them with confidence and control.

Here’s what Jeremy McGrath (the best jumper of all time) has to say: Gary; thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. (Jeremy McGrath) Gary; thanks for all your great help in 1995 (Jeremy McGrath). Gary; thanks for your dedication, you performed magic again, until next time, your friend, (Jeremy McGrath).

One of the biggest turning points in Jeremy’s improvement as an intermediate was The Gary Semics MX School. (Jack McGrath) Dad.

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