Learn the secrets Gary used to train pro riders who have won 26 AMA Pro MX/SX Championships! This Subscription has more then The 2015 Everything Value Pack that retailed for over $800.00.

28 Technique/Training DVDs & new videos.

You’ll have over 40 years of racing and coaching experience to learn from. Learn the secrets Gary used to train pro riders who have won 26 AMA Pro MX/SX Championships! This Subscription includes the Volumes 1, 2 and 3 DVD Series, the two MX Conditioning DVDs, Evolution of MX DVD, the two Motocross Skills for Vets DVDs, the Private Lesson, Sand and Grass and the 2 Days School DVDs. That’s a total of 28 DVDs, plus the 2 CDs. Don’t keep spending $$$ on bike mods that don’t make your lap times or results any better, that don’t help you to ride smoother, faster, safer or with more control! Instead invest in this package that WILL “Make You a Better, Safer Rider”!

When you see the top pros racing on TV or live at a Pro National or SX, pros like, Eli Tomac, Zach Osborne, Marvin Muskquin, Jason Anderson or Blake Baggett and the other elite racers you may wonder how they make something that is so difficult look easy. It’s as if they are one with the bike! Well, they are one with the bike! Everywhere they are connected with the bike (handlebars, foot pegs and seat) is an extension of their body. Controlling the clutch, throttle and front brake are as easy as moving their hands and fingers. Controlling the shifter and rear brake is as easy as moving their feet. All these delicate, controlled movements are running on auto pilot. Their body movements are in constant motion in order to maintain the center of balance! They use their sensation of speed and visual perception, of what they see ahead of them on the track. This sensation of speed and visual perception is coordinated with the feeling of what the bike is doing, then their automatic reflex reactions are being used to maintain speed and control. Of course, this is all happening very quickly but to them it seems rather slow and relaxed. All these elite racers had to begin with the proper techniques. Then they had to keep honing and polishing those techniques into their sub-conscious mind and automatic reflexes. All this has become second nature to them. If you ever want to ride like them you have to perfect all the techniques just like they did. But don’t put yourself through the school of hard knocks. Save time and trips to the hospital with this Subscription! Once you accomplish the skills the fun really begins. Riding with a smooth, fluid style, carrying speed, momentum and maintaining control is Super Fun and Rewarding!

Get all the motocross techniques and training materials Gary has up through 2015 that will make you improve your riding skills quickly…and save big $$$!!! Gary’s videos are timeless! The current top pro racers are still using the same techniques even from Gary’s earlier videos. Gary’s later videos have the newest techniques for Scrubbing and Skimming Whoops covered as well, in his VO2 DVD #3 All About Jumps and Whoops and VO3 DVD #8 Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques which are included in this Subscription.

With a former top 5 pro racing career and an AMA Pro Supercross Championship, even a 2012 AMA Amateur National Title at Loretta Lynn’s in the 50 Masters class, add to that over 30 years of teaching motocross, from beginners to the world’s best and you can understand how Gary has found the most effective methods and strategies for quickly improving speed, control and race results. It’s all here in this Subscription. It shows you step by step how to learn and practice all the techniques for cornering, jumping, whoops and starts in order to make them become automatic and natural.

Don’t learn the hard way, learn from Gary’s over 40 years of pro racing, coaching and studying what makes riders fast and consistent. Gary has put all this experience into his schools, DVDs and VOD Subscriptions. It’s all here! The riders Gary has trained including: McGrath, Windham, Villopoto, Lusk, Dowd, Roncada, Fonseca, Jesseman and Lamson have won 26 AMA Pro National and Supercross Championships. Now you can learn the same race proven techniques!

Note: Included are the two Diet and Nutrition PDF Manuals that go with the two MX Conditioning DVDs. Motocross is a unique sport and takes special sports specify training methods. The PDF Manuals are 63 pages loaded with strength and cardio workouts, weekly routines to follow and tons of Diet, Meal Samples and Nutrition facts. All laid out in an easy to follow format with illustrating photos.

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