Special MX Practice Videos, Weekly Routines, Cardio & Strength Training, Nutrition & Mental development!

Online Coaching with Gary Semics

This “Online Coaching” subscription will allow you access to all the private videos that only my “Online Coached Members” have access too. These videos are accompanied with special PDF files covering everything that goes into a motocrosser’s preparation plans. Like special MX Practice Drill videos and PDF files, weekly training routines, training on and off the mx bike (both videos and PDF files), the mental side of training and racing and how to eat and drink with nutrient dense race fuel! There are different sets of weekly routines with plans for the weekend warriors to the full-time pros. New video and/or PDF files will be added ever month or two. This will enable you to take your riding skills, fitness and race results to a much higher level!!! If you want to ride and race like a pro, you need to prepare like a pro!!!

All our subscriptions give you access on all devices in the best quality video according to your download speed. You will also be able to download everything on the Intelivideo app, which is included with your subscription. This will allow you to watch everything anytime, anywhere, across all devices, even without an internet connection. Modern technology at its finest!

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